asia pacific committee of smart and nano meterials


Welcome to Asia Pacific of Smart and Nano Materials (APSNM), it is a Technical Society of the Asia Pacific for Smart and Nano Materials and is established to promote research in Smart Materials and nanotechnology within academic and industrial organizations.

1.1. This Society shall be known as the “Asia Pacific of Smart and Nano Materials” hereinafter referred to as the “Association”, which was originally founded in 2007 during the first international conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (SMN) in Harbin, China.

2.1. APCSNM consists of members of scientists and researchers mostly in Asia Pacific countries. The specific objectives of this Association are:

a. To provide a world-wide platform for discussion scientific topics;

b. To cooperate and affiliate with other national, regional or international professional people having similar interests to those of the Association;

c. To promote the exchange of information in smart and nano materials among people in Asia Pacific engaged in scientific research;

d. To encourage and support academic/research activities among members;

e. To support international conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities on composites;

f. To facilitate the progress of technologies on smart and nano technology in scientific association;

g. To explore mostly related researches and how they will be used multiple applications including aerospace, construction, wind energy, automotive, electronics and so on;

h. To provide opportunities for intellectual exchange for all members with common interest in the development of smart materials and nanotechnology;

i. To encourage the exchange of the insights from scientists and scholars, and promote to research and use of smart materials and nanotechnology;

j. To promote the expansion of smart materials and nanotechnology in strategic emerging industries and other important industrial areas;

k. To promote the self-construction of society and the exploration of industry-university-research cooperation;

l. To advertise the merits and effectiveness of Smart and Nano Materials to industries;

m. To print and circulate publications in areas related to Smart and Nano Materials;

n. To remove organizational barriers to members who aspire to relevant APCSNM awards and honors;

o. To develop and implement bilateral programs with other partner organizations in Asian regions to achieve the mutual benefit of the members of APCSNM and of the partner organizations;

p. The association is not related to political and related activities are non-profit making.

3.1 Conduct of Conferences

SMN conference with reference to Smart Materials and Nanotechnology will be arranged through the efforts of APSNM every two years. The main purposes for such conferences are to encourage researchers and scientists to present and discuss articles related to the hot topics of current interest in smart and nano composites, to provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas and solving technical problems etc.. The series of successful international conferences encompasses and bridges the rapidly evolving smart materials and the cutting-edge nanotechnology for various applications.

List of SMN conferences:

SMN 2007    Harbin  China

SMN 2009   Weihai  China

SMN 2011   Shenzhen  China

SMN2013   Gold Coast  Australia,

SMN2015   Vancouver  Canada

SMN2017   Madrid  Spain

SMN2019   Harbin  China


An international open access journal “International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials has been founded (”, published by Taylor & Francis Group., with Prof. Jinsong Leng served as the Editor-in-Chief. The purpose of the journal mainly publishes original results, critical reviews, technical discussion, and book reviews related to smart and nano materials, and their applications, which to provide cutting edge information and instructive research guidance, encouraging more scientists to make their contribution to this dynamic research field.